Tuesday, October 11, 2011

My obsession with art:

I want to backhand all these young new brides, whose husbands are on the cusp on getting their bachelors. They lament at the thought of having to go through graduate school because they just can’t stand being poor students a moment longer. Wah wah wah!  Save those tears for when you’re still poor years after university life!
Well, now that I vomited that bitter pill, lets get to the subject at hand.
My Mister’s an artist.
I’ve only had one person, upon telling them that little fact, have their eyes glaze over at the romantic notion of being married to one of that profession.  I get it, the concept of passion and creativity in such a being. But most people say, “Really?!  Hmm . . .” and I’m sure they’re contemplating the term, “starving artist” and feeling sorry for me!
It’s true, artists are a curios bunch. It takes a certain type of individual to be in such a self-absorbing pursuit. (More on that subject in a future blog)
But Jared’s road to artist status wasn’t clearly paved. You think it would be since being an artist isn’t really a choice, you’re either born with that inkling or you’re not. Most people just forget, let others convince them otherwise, talk themselves out of it or just pursue a more practical path. When Jared remembered his calling it was like doors just opened and his happiness became full. How could I not stand behind him?
Here is a glimpse into that journey:
Ok, so you’ll see from the last post, Jared had me at return address unknown. He could have aspired to be anything and it wouldn’t have mattered.  But I recall in our courtship correspondence, he might have thrown around the title, Dr. Ellis. Unbeknownst to me, Jared hadn’t even graduated high school. He was 1 class short of his diploma. Yes, overachieving me was more than horrified. During our engagement he enrolled in his town’s local adult learning center to finish high school.  I’ve attended all 3 of his graduations as his proud Mrs.
I was pro-active about his education.  What needed to be done? Apply to school? Schedule his classes?  Secure financial aid? Find housing? Done, done and done!  Doctor fast track it is! It turned out to be anything but.
Not once did Jared mention as a child he aspired to be an artist.  No!  We go on this Chiropractic track for 3 years, trying to burn through generals while he struggled to wrap his brain around high school level math- which if he failed to pass prevented him from enrolling in college math and apply to his program. I had already started our family.  I too applied to the local college and decided it wasn't my time. Financing both of us wasn’t the best option then. Jared was starting to enjoying college life a little too much, taking his sweet time, making friends, working out.  I was quickly becoming a resentful mess.
I scheduled Jared to take an art class as an elective since he exhausted the physically fitness ones. No one in the art department could understand why that wasn’t his major. After that semester he switched to studio art. I couldn’t have been more relieved.  It was an answer to my prayers. Finally I didn’t have to tutor him in math anymore!  Then the art degree-fast-track kicked in and the man who struggled with school his whole life found his place.
I can’t separate him from his art, and since I’m yoked to him, it has become who we are.
I can, at times, be even more outwardly passionate about it than him, and when it comes to collecting, lets just say I can become a bit aggressive. Many of our artist friends can attest, art-trade anyone?
Jared receiving his Masters of Fine Art from Brigham Young University May 2007.

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