Thursday, October 13, 2011

Mr. Hot Mess Ellis

“Really?” You’ll say. “You’re blogging about you’re husbands body?”
In which I’ll reply, “Yeah! And why wasn’t this my first post?!”
I never understand people who say, looks aren’t EVERYTHING. You’re right, but they sure do help. And sometimes it helps BIG time! I mean there are the non-negotiables, for me it was faith. Obviously it wasn’t education or secure employment, Jared had neither of those at the beginning. It was simply, body & spirit. Those two things looked darn fine (fine in the 90’s connotation for all you people over 30).  I could work with everything else besides we were young and the potential was there.  
Fast forward 15 years and one thing I get told all the time is:
“You have 5 kids?!”
In my head I’m thinking, first; I don’t look THAT young and second; if you saw my husband you’d want nearly ½ a dozen of his babies too.
That said, I have this nasty habit of only journaling when I’m absolutely livid at the man. So much so, that I’m sure our posterity will think their grandfather is a complete tool. It’s at those moments I come to the conclusion that I really just need to get over whatever it is that’s pissing me off because a) he’s stubborn as hell and I can scream till I’m blue in the face and it won’t change a thing and b)  it would be awfully hard to find a muscularly equivalent replacement.
Nothing is hotter than seeing Jared with the kids!

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