Friday, December 2, 2011

Mr. Bath Salts

The Mr. loves to work. I’m not talking he enjoys what he does, which is true. He MUST work.  Like his father, Jared was born with this innate sense of busyness. They’re hands have to stay moving. A project must be on the go at all times. Their mind must be contemplating a solution of how to accomplish the task at hand. It permeates their thoughts to the point where they even dream about it! Then, when one thing is completed there is no lapse onto the next project. Actually, there are always half a dozen projects on the go at any given time.
One could see how this could be a challenge in trying to establish a pattern of routine marital bonding.
Early in our marriage Jared and I began a regular bedtime routine.  With our equally busy schedules, the children and his education and now employment, we take the time at the end of the day to prepare for bed together. It’s OUR time. We go over our day, voice concerns, touch base on calendar events, current projects, and individual children’s needs. You name it, it is discussed. This is all done while we brush our teeth, groom, but most importantly bathe together.
When we purchased our first home four years ago I knew we needed a decent tub, of course money and existing space was a factor but the splurge was made to accommodate such an important aspect of our marriage routine.
Jared laying the tile with Mila looking on.

Most every night we enjoy soaking and bonding, touching and talking. I have found this routine most prioritizing important the longer we have been married. The stresses and responsibilities of life only increase as time does. There are many heavy things on our minds. But as we continue with this pattern I feel our tie to one another grows stronger, our respect and understanding increases. Its not to say everything is smoothed over and resolved in those moments, wouldn’t that be nice? But our ability to cope and our love for one another firmly remains intact.

The Mr. loves to prepare the bath; run the water and most importantly add the bath salts!

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